Nissan Lease-End Trade-in Option, Mesa AZ


Rolling into a New Nissan Lease or Purchase

As a Nissan dealership, we naturally hope that you were so delighted with driving your leased Nissan that you'll want to either keep it, or trade it in for another new Nissan. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation also wants to continue to do business with you, so they reward our current customers with incentives to purchase or lease a new Nissan. You'll find some nice incentives that waive wear and use charges on your currently leased vehicle should you decide to lease or purchase a new Nissan. These incentives are in addition to any new purchase or lease incentives available to everyone. Contact us for information on all those available Nissan offers for which you qualify. Call us at 866-766-1733, or use the form belowto request information.

Lease Trade-In Preparation

  • Compare your current leased vehicle's trade-in value to its "residual value"
  • Obtain the payoff amount left on the existing lease contract.
  • Contact your Nissan sales and leasing professional to go over your trade-in options.

Should you opt to trade-in your leased vehicle for a new Nissan, We will take your previously leased vehicle in trade. We'll buy the vehicle from NMAC in order to add it to our used Nissan inventory. You will receive a trade-in credit and the difference will be applied to your new Nissan lease or purchase as a down payment. If for any reason your lease pay-off amount is higher than the credit you receive, we can roll the deficit, or "negative equity," into your new lease or purchase. In most cases, the pay-off amount is lower than your trade-in credit, adding to your amount down and reducing the monthly payments on your new lease or purchase. Your Nissan sales and leasing professional will detail all the transaction figures, all of which will be prominently displayed in an easy-to-read format on the new lease or purchase contract that you sign. We want to make sure that everything meets with your approval as you transition into your new Nissan.

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