Brake Services at Larry H. Miller Nissan Mesa

Good brakes are essential to your vehicle's saftey and performace, so checking and servicing your brakes regularly is an important part of your vehicle service regimen.

Because your brakes use friction to slow the rotation of your wheels, the parts wear down over time and need to be replaced after significant use. Additionally, your driving habits and environment can affect the rate that your brakes will wear down.

Nissan Break Service in Mesa, AZ

Besides the actual brakes, the brake system includes a number of other important parts that work together to keep your vehicle stopping smoothly and safely, and these parts can wear down or fail with extended or heavy use, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule and also let your service technician know if you have any symptoms, like grinding, squealing, pulsing, or shaking when the brakes are applied.

Anti-lock Braking Systems are common on most modern vehicles and are another important part of your braking system. The Anit-lock Braking System monitors the motion of the vehicle and the rotation of the wheels to determine if the car is slipping or skidding, and, if so, rapidly pulses the brakes to help regain traction and stop the vehicle more effectively. If your ABS indicator light comes on, make sure to have your Anti-lock Braking System checked right away.

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