Shock and Strut replacement

Shock and Strut Replacement in Mesa, AZ at Larry H. Miller Nissan Mesa

The shocks and struts of your Nissan are an integral component of its suspension, especially if you drive a pickup truck or SUV that may see a fair amount of action on the off-road. As with any component, these can wear down and require replacement, so we here at Larry H. Miller Nissan Mesa want to keep you informed about what to look for and when to bring your Nissan in for shock and strut replacement. Typically, we recommend shock/strut replacement once every five years or every 50,000 miles (whichever occurs first), but if you tend to use your Nissan for off-roading or hauling more frequently, you may want to schedule a service appointment sooner, which can be handled here in Mesa, AZ by contacting our service department online.

Signs of Shock/Strut Replacement Need

The rougher the terrain you tend to taker on in your Nissan, the sooner that its suspension might need attention over the next tens of thousands of miles. It is important to keep in mind these crucial signs your shocks/struts may require replacement:

  • Noticeable shaking, shimmying, or vibration of car/truck after hitting a bump
  • An overall bouncy ride/bottoming out when hitting rough roads or backing out of driveway
  • Excess swaying when driving through strong crosswinds or cornering
  • Car/Truck/SUV takes a nosedive when braking hard
  • Fluid leaking around shock or strut area

If these symptoms present themselves, it may signal clear signs your suspension needs replacement parts and will affect ride height. When you bring your Nissan in to your Mesa, AZ Nissan service center, our technicians will be able to replace all necessary parts with genuine Nissan components which are the most compatible and built to last.

Schedule a Replacement Appointment Today

When the shocks and struts of your new Nissan reach their limits, do not wait, schedule a service appointment immediately at Larry H. Miller Nissan Mesa and come see us at our on-location service center at 2025 Riverview Auto Dr in Mesa, AZ.


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