Wash Your Mom’s Car for Mother’s Day Like a Pro

Mother’s Day shouldn’t have to be centered around a huge gift or a surprise party for mom. It’s often the little things in life that mean the most. This Mother’s Day, do your mom a favor and hand wash her car for a gift that truly shows her how much you care. It’s not the biggest, brightest, or flashiest gift in the world, but it’s just the sort of gesture that shows her you care about the little details that make every day just that much better. Never hand washed a car before? Follow these easy tips to make sure her smile shines just as bright as her car does. 


Gather Your Materials 


Before washing your mom’s car, gather all the materials you’ll need. You’ll need two microfiber hand towels, two water buckets, and a designated auto wash soap at the very least. You can also purchase wheel cleaners and car wax for that extra touch to give her car a showroom shine. 

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Start with a Rinse 


Start off by rinsing her car with just plain water. This will remove any surface level dirt and grime that is loosely sticking to the surface of the car. If large particles are left on the car when you go to hand wash, you could scratch the finish on the car. 


Apply Auto Wash Soap 


Mix the proper amount of auto wash soap with water in one bucket and fill the other bucket with just water. Once you’ve concocted the perfect sudsy mixture, dip your microfiber towel into the mixture and generously apply to one area of her car at a time. Start with the hood and move the towel over the finish in straight lines. Scrubbing in circles can often result in unsightly swirl marks. After the hood is scrubbed, dip the towel into the bucket of plain water and squeeze out all of the nastiness that has accumulated. Rinse the hood with water and continue this process on all areas of the car’s finish. 

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Don’t Forget About the Wheels


Washing the car’s wheels follows the same process as washing the finish. Rinse with water first, scrub with auto soap next, and finish with a water rinse. 


Dry the Car 


Remember when we told you to gather two microfiber towels? Grab the second towel and promptly dry the car to reduce the chance of water spots. If you leave the car to dry in the sun, the car is almost guaranteed to form these unsightly spots that are hard to get rid of. 


Shine the Tires 


For an absolutely impeccable shine, apply a tire shine to a sponge. Then use the sponge to apply the shine solution to the tires. If you’re looking to go the extra mile and protect your mom’s car from the elements as well, apply a coat of car wax to the finish. 


There’s a lot of detail that goes into hand washing a car. Show Mom you care about the little things by giving her a stunningly beautiful car to show off this Mother’s Day. 

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